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Philippines Part 2

by Kelly on February 26, 2014


The boys are back, safe and sound in the US. When they first returned, we stayed up late in the night listening to stories about their mission work in Tacloban. We were so moved by the great devastation experienced there! Words cannot express the needs and the sorrows the boys encountered. In spite of the incredible losses, they discovered citizens who were so loving and so very grateful. Each day of medical missions they were met with 300-600 people seeking aid.The people were also offered Biblical counsel and comfort. Each evening was filled with church meetings, where many made decisions to accept God’s free gift of salvation.

One hero of the Philippines is General MacArthur, because he promised to return to help the people, and he kept his word! John, Lawson, and Nathan were inspired to join the march to do whatever they can to help as many as possible! The need is great! Please pray for those in Tacloban!

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Philippines Aftermath

by Kelly on February 6, 2014

When Nathan first heard about the massive storm that left many iphoto 1hgn the Philippines devastated from loss of loved ones, loss of shelter, lack of medical care, and lack of needed provisions, he was burdened to do all he could to help as many as he could. He began talking to us about his desire to gather funding, medical supplies, and provisions to take to those in need. Realizing how far the Philippines is, how young Nathan is, and our fear of the conditions after the storm, caused us to tremble and pray for direction about Nathan’s request. We were moved by his sincere desire to help, and his persistence in researching and communicating with others to make a difference.  We knew he was in God’s hand and that there was a great need for volunteers!

Nathan met a youphoto 233ng man who attends Crown Bible College whose father is a pastor in the Philippines. Pastor Tan became an invaluable contact and source for planning this mission trip. He put Nathan in contact with medical doctors in the Philippines whom the mission team could assist. Pastor Tan helped plan medical stations in various churches for medical supplies and care to be provided. Nathan began contacting nurses and doctors in the US to help coordinate lists of supplies that would be needed. He was put in touch with Blessing International who sold the mass quantities of medical supplies for the mission trip.

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Lawson and John Duggar eagerly volunteered to join the mission team, so with tickets and Bibles in hand, the 3 of them flew to Manilla to meet up with Pastor Tan. They bought as many medical supplies as possible while in Manilla to add to the amount that was flown from the US. They flew to Tacloban, where they met with other pastors and medical doctors.

Each day begins at 6am and they work until late at night. Theyphoto 2l assist with medical work all day and have Bible services each evening. The nightly services have been a huge blessing, and several have received Christ as their Saviour.  The needs are overwhelming. Nathan reported that he has never cried so much! The first day, over 500 showed up needing medicine and they were instructed to dispense about half of their supply! They have travelled several times to acquire more. Still the lines are endless, and they can hardly keep up with the doctors!

photo 1nbvcnThey visited mass graves and hugged small children standing by the grave of a parent or sibling. They saw families living under tarps, rubble and ruins at every turn. We ask  for your continued prayers for this last half of their stay in Tacloban. We will miss them for our family Valentine’s Party, but we know they are showing and receiving more love than we could ever imagine!

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Right to Life March

by Kelly on February 3, 2014

photo 454

Several of our children joined the Duggar family to attend the Right to life March in Washington DC. They returned in time to join us for the March for Life held in Knoxville, TN.

This year, Tennessee residents will have opportunity to vote “yes” for amendment one in the elections. Currently, Tennessee allows abortion on demand without informed consent for those considering abortion, without hospitalization requirement for second trimester abortions, without required inspection or regulation of abortion facilities, and without a 24 hr. waiting period. For the benefit of both mother and baby, please VOTE YES ON 1!  Life is precious! God says children are a blessing! May we, in America, begin to realize this truth and change our lifestyle and priorities!

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John & Alyssa Get Engaged

by Kelly on January 28, 2014

IMG_3432Alyssa & Tori made a visit to Orlando for a late Christmas get together with the Webster family. On Thursday, January 16th, John planned to take Alyssa on a date; Alyssa had no idea this would be the special day they would become engaged! John had prearranged to have a photographer, some family members, and a snazzy rental car waiting at a romantic spot. They went to IMG_3360the beach at Disney resort before dinner at Ruth Chris Steakhouse.  While watching the sunset, John expressed his love for Alyssa; she began to cry as she realized that John was fixing to propose! It was a sentimental moment as they embraced, knowing this commitment would change their lives forever! They have set a wedding date for May 24, 2014 and will be posting updates on their wedding website Please keep them in your prayers during the upcoming months!



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