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by Kelly on July 28, 2012

  We are so grateful for the many friends who have helped us with our website these past few years. Josh Duggar designed our first website, then later turned it over to Steve Medlen and Robert Staddon of Abundant Designs ( Robert has graciously managed the site for us for several years.

  We have been working on updating the website these past few months. Stephen Troell ( and Greg Howlett ( have redesigned the site and have labored for many hours on our behalf. Greg is currently is teaching us the “How To’s” of posting updates and adding photos, as he manages the site.

  In the process of transferring all of the information, we have not been able to post comments made during the last few weeks. We would love the opportunity to post these, if you could take the time to redo them. Thank you for your patience and God Bless!

Greg Howlett and family

Stephen Troell and family

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