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Happy Father’s Day

by Kelly on June 17, 2012

     ellieI’ve heard others say that a mother has the most difficult and most important job in the world… I’m not so sure! I know I wouldn’t be able to trade places with my husband in fulfilling his role as Dad! Decisions are hard for me; pressure is hard for me to cope with; bills are a nightmare… I’m just not cut out to carry the load that he does so well!

     I’m so grateful and so blessed to be by his side and to watch the example he sets for his children! To all the Dads who are trying to be Godly leaders in the home, may God grant you strength and wisdom as you continue to love, lead, serve, provide for, protect, and teach your little ones!! May this poem be a reminder to you to slow down and enjoy the role God has so graciously given you!

Father’s Day Reminder_MG_7421

As decisions and responsibilities loom about,

You may be faced with fears and doubt.

You may be too pre-occupied

To feel that hand upon your side.

You may be tired and need a nap

When little ones climb onto your lap.

You may have bills that reach the sky,

And work that keeps on piling high.

You may have many important duties

Clouding your vision of family beauties:

Like toothless smiles and bandaged knees,

Like children hanging from the trees,

Like broken bikes and a messy room,

Like hand picked flowers and weeds that bloom.

One day when there’s no noise or mess,

No extra bills, no dolls to dress,

No games to play, no bikes to fix,

No doctor visits, no scrapes or nicks,

No whining or fussing about a chore,

Just you alone to bother for…

Here’s just one thought to reflect upon:

One day those treasures will all be gone.

So don’t forget to take the time

To listen to each joke or rhyme,

To notice each new work of art,

To read a book or play a part,

To give a few more hugs each day,

To bow your head and humbly pray,

To spend each moment as it were last,

Because we know, they grow so fast!

(Written in honor of my wonderful husband, Gil Bates! 2012)

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