The Bates Family

John & Alyssa Webster

by Kelly on July 22, 2014

Pictures by Britton Felber (

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The Ceremony

by Kelly on July 18, 2014



Seating of grandparents & parents…”The Prayer”

Processional…”The Lovers Waltz”

Entrance of the Bride…”The Bridal March”

Opening Prayer…Congressman Daniel Webster20140524-Photographybybritton-229

Charge to couple…Gil Bates

Exchange of Vows & Rings

Lighting of Unity Candle: ”Til the Rivers All Run Dry”… Rachel Leftwich

Presentation of Couple

Recessional…”Hallelujah Chorus”

Pictures by Britton Felber (




Alyssa’s Wedding Continued

by Kelly on July 14, 2014

John and Alyssa were married at Salem Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN on May 24, 2014. 20140524-Photographybybritton-021

The Wedding Party Included:

Parents of the Bride: Gil & Kelly Jo Bates

Parents of the Groom: Congressman & Mrs. Daniel Webster

Grandparents of the Bride: Betty Jo Miller-Smith, Bill & Jane Bates

Maid of honor: Tori Webster 20140524-Photographybybritton-040 (2)

Bridesmaids: Tori Bates, Andrea Warren, Liz Miller, Erin Paine, Whitney Bates, Bethany Chavez, Michael Bates

Best man: Jordan Webster

Groomsmen: Brent Webster, David Webster, Joe Miller, Lewis Albright, Jonathan Webster, Luke Brigham, Nathan Bates

Flower Girls: Addallee & Ellie Bates

Ring bearers: Grant Webster & Judson Bates

Ushers: Michael Sivells, Rodrigo Garcia, Brandon Keilen, Chad Paine, Riley Dempster, Trace Bates

Wedding Participants Included:

Officiant: Pastor Gil Bates

Musicians: Greg Howlett (pianist), Kelsey Lott & Adrian Warren , (violinists), Amber Keilen (cellist)Rachel Leftwich (vocalist)

Pictures by Britton Felber (

20140524-Photographybybritton-04620140524-Photographybybritton-01320140524-Photographybybritton-05020140524-Photographybybritton-23320140524-Photographybybritton-04520140524-Photographybybritton-23920140524-Photographybybritton-19120140524-Photographybybritton-06420140524-Photographybybritton-06820140524-Photographybybritton-00620140524-Photographybybritton-02520140524-Photographybybritton-047 (2)20140524-Photographybybritton-02820140524-Photographybybritton-032 (2)20140524-Photographybybritton-034 (2)20140524-Photographybybritton-030 (2)20140524-Photographybybritton-056 (2)20140524-Photographybybritton-018


Alyssa’s Wedding

by Kelly on July 4, 2014

We have a few wedding pictures from the photographer, Britton Felber ( & Instagram @brittonfelber), and many more to come!  These pics were taken at Cades Cove in Gatlinburg, TN, where they spent the first 3 days of their honeymoon before flying to Lake Tahoe, CA. Their wedding was filmed by ABC and will be aired  on Saturday, July 12th at 10 pm.

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Lawson’s Video Is Released!

by Kelly on June 13, 2014

photo (3)

We are so excited…Lawson’s music video has finally been released! The featured song, “The End Down Here,” gives a glimpse of Heaven and the hope Christians have when this life on earth is over; it is one of the original titles on his Cd entitled, “Freedom Sure Ain’t Free.”  

We hope you’ll take time to listen and enjoy!

The video was filmed in Colorado by Provident Media Group

Adobe Photoshop PDF

You can find Lawson’s CD on iTunes ( or visit his website at




Alyssa’s Showers

by Kelly on June 6, 2014

We are grateful to those who hosted wedding showers for Alyssa: 20140408_190223

1. Meghan Dempster  (a wonderful family friend who also hosted Alyssa on her first mission trip to Guatemala)

2. Bible Baptist Church friends & Alyssa’s Meema (Betty Jo Smith)

3. First Baptist Church in Central Florida hosted by several of the Webster family’s friends: Robin Brigham, Theresa Jones, Debbie Green, Debbie Warren, Debbie Updike, Rachel Sivels, Donna Rollins, Jean Mclendon, Dawn Sides, Pam Jones, Beverly Powell, and Cindy Brown.

We are also grateful for the many friends and relatives who brought or sent gifts. Alyssa and John feel very loved and are anxious to begin setting up their new home together! (They had a beautiful wedding and an incredible honeymoon, and are now back in Florida to settle down! More updates to come!)

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